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David believes that a certain sacredness and revelations about the universe can be found in the small and insignificant in nature, the seen and unseen. His philosophy is reflected in his Shen (translated spiritual) art as he paints and sculpts nature as seen through his eyes. His art focuses on natural forms, which are generally closely viewed, allowing organic shapes and patterns to emerge. Whether he paints the illuminated fall canopy of a Gingko tree or the muted tones of the beach underfoot, David’s works create harmonies that soothe the senses, nourish the spirit and encourage peaceful reflection. The controlled and deliberate use of color, the play of shadows and reflections and the sensuous feel of a multitude of textures allows David to paint the ordinary in nature in a beautifully extraordinary way.

    David creates artwork based on his theory that philosophy is the underpinning of all serious art. David advocates for a contemporary art world where artists in all mediums return to the primordial purpose of art, which is to make the magic that connects the seen with the unseen, to fathom the dual nature of reality and to understand the shifting balance of the physical world with forces that affect it. From this exploration comes a sense of understanding of the universe, its physical nature and the underlying forces that shape it with balance and harmony, and out of which beauty flows. From this philosophical base, David developed the mission statement that guides the creation of his current work: "The Universe is revealed in the sacredness of the small and insignificant and in the intervals, pauses and quiet moments of active doing." 

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